About Me

Hello! My name is Danny.

I'm the one behind Smart Home Stickers. I'm also the writer/owner behind SmartHomePursuits.com, where I write a lot of detailed how-to articles (200+!)  regarding Home Assistant and smart home tech.

As I added more & more smart home products to my home, I quickly realized my family had no idea what each button or switch does. On top of that, everyone had to memorize each single/double/hold button command! 

My label printer wasn't cutting it, and unfortunately I couldn't find any shops to buy stickers from.

So, I learned how to make my own stickers. Over the last year, I've made thousands of stickers for myself, family, and friends. I created SmartHomeStickers.com because I knew there were others struggling to properly label their stuff like I was.

Each sticker sheet is printed on premium matte sticker paper, laminated, and then cut on my Silhouette Cameo 4. That means it's waterproof and weather resistant! (I also pack and ship all your orders.) 

Even though I'm still in the early days of my shop, I'm confident that you'll love my stickers. Thank you so much for your support!